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Owlbear Rodeo features a rich text editor that allows you to write directly on the infinite canvas.

Text item

Text Editor

When using the Text tool you can click anywhere in a scene to create a new text item. Doing this you’ll be given a text editor which allows you to write text. Above the editor there is a menu that allows you to adjust the text style.

Text editor

Below is a list of the options available in the text editor menu:

Menu ItemIconDescription
ColorN/AAdjusts the color of the text
OutlineN/AAdjusts the outline color and size of the text
FontN/AAdjusts the font used for the text
SizeN/AAdjusts the text size
BoldBold iconBolds the currently selected text
ItalicsItalics iconItalicises the current selected text
Bulleted ListBulleted list iconCreates a new bulleted list
Numbered ListNumbered list iconCreates a new numbered list
Heading OneHeading one iconCreates a large heading
Heading TwoHeading two iconCreates a smaller heading
EmojiEmoji iconOpens an emoji picker
DoneDone iconFinishes the text editing

Once you have finished editing text you can click the Done button or use the Shift + Enter shortcut. This will exit the text editor and return you to the common item controls.

Selected text item

Here you can adjust things such as scale, rotation and more. If you wish to edit the text again you can click the Edit Text menu item, use the Shift + Enter shortcut or double click on the text.

Item context menu with the Edit Text menu item highlighted


The text editor supports common and markdown-style shortcuts to make styling text easier.

Here is a list of the supported shortcuts:

#Heading one
##Heading two
*Bulleted list
1Numbered list
Ctrl + B or Cmd + BBold
Ctrl + I or Cmd + IItalics
Shift + EnterFinish editing