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A room in Owlbear Rodeo is a space to connect to your players. The Game Master (GM) creates a room from their profile page. Once in the room the GM can send a link to their players that allows them to join the room.

Room section of the profile page

Your user data in Owlbear Rodeo is not tied to a specific room. This includes saved images and scenes. This means that if you decide to delete a room you will not lose any of your saved data. Instead you can create a new room and all your data will be where you left it.

Creating a Room

You can create a room from the profile page by using the Create Room button. A room will have a name, background and a list of enabled extensions. For paid plans you will be able to customise your room name and background. For the free plan you can choose between a set of random names and backgrounds.

Room creation dialog

When you share your room with your players they can see its name and background.

Room share card

Editing a Room

You can edit a room by clicking the Edit button on the room tile on the profile page. Here you can change the background image or extensions.

You are unable to change the name for a room once it has been created. This is because the name is a part of the URL for a room and changing it would break any links already sent to players.

To delete a room you can click the Delete button.

Room edit dialog

Inviting or Joining a Room

To invite your players to your room you send them the link to your room. You can get this link either from your browser’s URL bar or by clicking the Invite Players button.

Invite Players using the Players action

As a player you can open the link sent to you by your GM in a web browser. This will put you in the waiting room where you can request to join. The GM can then approve your request and you will be let in to the room.

Player requesting to join (left) and GM waiting to accept (right)

Owlbear Rodeo supports anonymous users; this means as a player you do not need to create an account to join a room. As an anonymous user you can use all the tools and features that don't need saved data. This means that anonymous users won’t be able to create their own rooms, scenes or images.

If you are a player and would like to use your own images you can create a free account and upload your images as normal.