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Create Your Site


To create this hello world app we're going to use a build tool called Vite.

Node.js Required

This will require Node.js version 14.18+, 16+ to be installed.

Create The Project

We're going to be creating a javascript project with the Vite vanilla template.

To do that either follow the instructions here or run:

$ npm create vite@latest

You can then follow the prompts to create your project like this:

✔ Project name: … hello-world
✔ Select a framework: › Vanilla
✔ Select a variant: › JavaScript

You should now have a new project created and can run:

$ cd hello-world
$ npm install
$ npm run dev

Which will install and start the project.

Opening the browser to http://localhost:5173/ you should now see a starter Vite page.

Vite Starter