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Showcase your Extension

This tutorial shows how you can submit your extension to our Extension store.

You don't need to submit your extension to our extension store to use it. If you would like to share your extension with other users then the best way for them to find it is through our Showcase site.


Before following this tutorial your extension should be:

  • A hosted website
  • Fully featured and functional

Create a markdown file for your project

Your Extension should have a markdown file before you can submit to our Extension store. It should describe what your extension does and how it could be helpful.

Your markdown file must begin with some YAML front matter. The format for this front matter must have the following details:


A YAML frontmatter is a series of meta variables that can be defined to describe information of the file that normally is not part of the text contents themselves, such as authors, keywords, and the title.


titleThis is the name of your extension
descriptionThis should be a brief description of what your extension is for
authorThis is your name or alias
imageThis is an absolute link to a hero image for your extension. The image must be hosted on an external site.
iconThis is an absolute link to your extensions icon and must be hosted on an external site
tagsTo help make your extension more discoverable you can add tags to it. In the extension store, users will be able to find your extension under that tag. Our supported tags can be found here. Only extensions published by Owlbear Rodeo can use the built-by-owlbear tag.
manifestThis should have an link to your manifest file. This is what will be copied by other users to install your extension.
learn-moreYou should link to a site or email that users can go to to find more information about your extension.

You must show these details at the top of your markdown file in the following format:

title: <your extension's title>
description: <your extension's description>
author: <your extension's title>
image: <your extension's hero image>
icon: <your extension's icon>
- <a tag for your extension>
manifest: <a link to your extension's manifest file>
learn-more: <a website link or email where users can find more>

Your markdown file file must have the following:

  1. Be publicly available
  2. Follow the format described above
  3. All images are valid and appropriate
  4. Tags are correct and appropriate

After the frontmatter all the details of this markdown file will be visible on your extension page, so be sure to include any extra details about your extension. This includes screenshots of the extension in action, a breakdown of how to use the extension and a way users can contact you for support with the extension.

An example of an appropriate markdown file can be found here.

Fork our Extensions Repository

Once you have created a markdown file for your extension you can fork our extensions repository to add your extension to our site.

  1. Fork our repository
  2. Clone your fork
  3. In your editor, open the repository and go to the extensions.json file
  4. Add your extension to the bottom of the file, with the name of your extension as the key and the URL of your markdown file as the value

The key of the value must be kebab, lower case, and unique to all other keys in the file.

Submit a Pull Request to our Extensions Repository

Once you have created a markdown file in your extension then you're ready to submit a pull request to our extensions repository.

Your pull request should:

  • Target the main branch of the repository
  • Only have a single commit

The Extension Store will show your extension once your pull request is accepted and merged.